New head of Denmarks Sparinvest looks to institutions to fuel growth

Key points in Sparinvest’s Strategy 2022 plan
Jørgen Søgaard-Andersen, Sparinvest

Under this headline the new CEO at Sparinvest tells the English language AMWatch about Sparinvests plan for the next four years – Strategy 2022. The article is a translation of article published by AMWatch’s sister site FinansWatch.

"In the last three years we have grown by 15 percent on average per year. When we set the target, people thought we were crazy. We did it. Now we set a new target and we expect to grow even more," Søgaard-Andersen says.

Today, Sparinvest has DKK 87 billion (EUR 11.7 billion) in assets under management and has nearly reached its 2018 target of DKK 90 billion, after an adjustment of DKK 10 billion after selling Sparinvest Property Investors in 2017.

"The growth stems from financial institutions, but also from the beginnings of a breakthrough abroad," says Søgaard-Andersen.

"We get larger mandates abroad. Recently, we got a new mandate from a Germany-based investor of about DKK 1.5 billion. We also got a mandate from a Danish institutional player of about DKK 2 billion," he says.

Key points in Sparinvest’s Strategy 2022 plan

  • AUM will grow by more than 15 percent per year.
  • Sale will be divided into two equal units and target domestic financial institutions and international institutional customers.
  • Institutional/international customers will increase their share of Sparinvest's total AUM to 50 percent.
  • A new business unit will focus on digital distribution – Sparindex.
  • The operation of Sparinvest must be effective and scalable. Unit costs will be substantially reduced.
  • The Strategy 2022 plan is for the mind and for the heart. Sparinvest will do the right things right.

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