Sparinvest is runner up in SRI Research Industry Survey

Sparinvest has been named as one of the best users of Sustainable and Responsible Investment and Corporate Governance research in the asset management industry.

The group was also named as one of the best communicators of its research needs.

The Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) Survey 2012 is a global survey designed to evaluate standards in the provision and use of Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) and Corporate Governance (CG) Research. The survey is a joint venture between Thomson Reuters Extel and the influential SRI research platform, SRI-CONNECT.

Overall, the survey aims to improve transparency in the SRI & CG research markets, to reward and incentivise high-quality research and to encourage analysts to respond to the needs of their investor clients. The survey received 239 responses from individuals in 139 firms and 17 countries.

This year, the SRI research suppliers themselves were asked the questions:

  • “Which Asset Managers make best use of SRI / Corporate Governance Research in your oponion?” and
  • “Which Asset Manager is best at communicating its research needs to SRI Research Providers?”

The results were as follows:

Best use of SRI / Corporate Governance information in Asset Management

Ranked Asset Managers
1.       Co-operative Asset Management
2.       Sparinvest Asset Management
3.       Calvert Investments
4.       Amundi
5.       Sarasin

Asset Managers – Best communicators of SRI / Corporate Governance needs

Ranked Asset Managers
1.       Co-operative Asset Management
2.       Calvert Investments
3.       Sparinvest Asset Management
4.       Amundi
5=      AXA IM
5=      Bank Sarasin
5=      CCR AM

The full IRRI 2012 Survey results are available here.


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