Clinton or Trump: Email scrutiny impacts markets

The renewed FBI interest in Clinton’s e-mails has sent Donald Trump back in the race for the Oval Office. See Sparinvest Chief Strategist David Bakkegaaard Karbøl’s assessment of how the most recent revelations impact financial markets.

The race for the US presidency is tightening, and the latest opinion polls show close to dead heat after renewed FBI scrutiny of Hillary Clinton. Consequently, election day may offer big surprises and the race is now closer than expected by most. In spite of this, David Bakkegaard Karsbøl still sees Hillary Clinton as the most likely winner, which is also the case for prominent US election forecasters, he says. 

Can a Trump victory be a buying opportunity?
Therefore, a Trump triumph would also send shockwaves through financial markets. Many investors have, however, already turned cautious and sent down stock prices – just to be on the safe side. The big question, however, is whether a Trump win would have any substantial market impact – besides turmoil in the very short term, thus in fact posing a buying opportunity for long-term investors, David Bakkegaard Karbøl states. 

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