Sparinvest wins a Morningstar International Fund Award in The Netherlands

We are pleased to announce that Sparinvest SICAV – Investment Grade Value Bonds EUR R has been awarded a Morningstar International Fund Award in The Netherlands in the category ‘Best EUR Corporate Bond Fund’.

As distinct from the qualitative awards issued by Morningstar’s research team, these MIFA awards are quantitatively driven and are given to the funds with the best risk-adjusted performance over one year within their Morningstar categories.

Although the award emphasises the one-year period, a fund can only qualify for such an award if it has also delivered strong three- and five-year returns and been in the top half of its peer group in at least three of the past five calendar years thereby indicating a strong long-term track record as well. The award is also given subject to a qualitative review which checks –amongst other things - that the fund is accessible to retail investors, that it has not deviated from its stated mandate and that there is no reason why the fund should not continue to outperform.

You can read Dutch Press coverage of the award here