Immediate and dramatic reaction to the British EU referendum

The most significant event in June has without doubt been Great Britain’s referendum on the country’s relationship with the EU.
No matter which way you look at it, the results of the referendum will cause significant uncertainty regarding Great Britain’s relationship with the EU for many years to come. Everything from trade deals, legislation within Great Britain, immigration, foreign exchange, financial policy, the country’s relationship with Scotland and Northern Ireland, the balance of power in the EU’s remaining countries, the necessity to revise the existing treaties, Turkey’s relationship with the EU and a coming EU army – all are topics that are on the negotiating table.

There has probably been too much focus on the negative aspects of Brexit in the media and market analyses, and too little focus on the positive. While a great deal of energy has been spent on the negative aspects, it can be mentioned that Brexit will make it much easier for Great Britain to enter into trade agreements with its previous colonies, who in many cases have a shared language and culture.

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