Lipper Award Procedo 2013

Sparinvest-Procedo wins Lipper three-year performance award in The Netherlands

Sparinvest-Procedo, a Morningstar five star asset allocation fund has been recognized with a Lipper Top Performance award in The Netherlands. Earlier this year, the same fund won Lipper awards in both Austria and Switzerland.

In a ceremony in Amsterdam on 22nd April, Sparinvest-Procedo EUR R won a Lipper Fund Award 2013 as top performer in its class (Mixed Asset EUR Aggressive – Global) over 3 years

Procedo invests 65% in equities and 35% in bonds.

By blending assets that behave differently at different stages of the economic cycle, a well-diversified strategic allocation portfolio can give a ‘smoother ride’ through market turbulence by eradicating extremes of performance, thereby keeping investors within their risk comfort zone.